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Secure Device Update (SDU) Library

The Secure Device Update (SDU) library is a software library to assist with device firmware or software updates. The goal of this project is to make updating your device firmware in a secure way a minimal burden on device software or firmware developers.

The platform is available with full source code for all necessary firmware and support utilities, avoiding any vendor lock-in concerns. Support utilities are licensed BSD and the firmware portion will be available soon in a source release with GPLv2 or commercial licensing options. Please contact me at for early access.

For more about the background and motivation for this project, see the release announcement.

Platform Support

The SDU library is written in C with a design that it can be easily ported to support specific device platforms. Please refer to each platform page for instructions specific to each platform.

Please contact me at if you are interested in porting to a new device platform.

Redbear Duo