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Trestle Authentication (trestle-auth)

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Authentication plugin for the Trestle admin framework

Getting Started

These instructions assume you have a working Trestle application. See the Getting Started section in the Trestle README.

To integrate trestle-auth, first add it to your application's Gemfile, and then run bundle install:

gem 'trestle-auth'

As of version 0.4.0, trestle-auth now supports multiple authentication backends including Devise/Warden.

Option 1: Built-in Integration

Run the install generator to add the configuration to config/initializers/trestle.rb, and generate a User model and admin resource.

$ rails generate trestle:auth:install User

(if no user model name is specified it will default to Administrator)

Then run your migrations with rake db:migrate and create an initial admin user from within rails console:

User.create(email: "", password: "password", first_name: "Admin", last_name: "User")

After restarting your Rails server, any attempt to access a page within your admin will redirect you to the login page.

Option 2: Devise Integration

If you already have an existing user model and Devise integration, you can configure trestle-auth to use that instead.

$ rails generate trestle:auth:install User --devise

Replace User with the name of your Devise user model. If not specified, it will default to Administrator.


After running the trestle:auth:install generator, check your config/initializers/trestle.rb for further configuration options.


The gem is available as open source under the terms of the LGPLv3 License.