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SETools has moved to SELinuxProject:

SETools v4 - Policy Analysis Tools for SELinux

SETools consists of a number of SELinux policy analysis tools, both graphical and command line.

Graphical tools

Tool Name Use
apol A Qt graphical analysis tool. Use it to perform various types of analyses.

Command-line tools

Tool Name Use
sediff Compare two policies to find differences.
sedta Perform domain transition analyses.
seinfo List policy components.
seinfoflow Perform information flow analyses.
sesearch Search rules (allow, type_transition, etc.)

Obtaining SETools

Official releases of SETools may be downloaded from the releases page.

SETools source code is maintained within a GitHub repository. From the command line do:

  $ git clone

You may also browse the GitHub repository.


Please see the README at the top level of the source code tree for information on building and installing SETools.


If you'd like to contribute, please send a GitHub pull request (preferred) or send patches to the SELinux mail list.

Build Status

Previous Versions

For prior versions of SETools, please see