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  • Figure out Speedcam Patch
  • Package Windows installer. (exe)
  • Package Windows installer. (msi)
  • Data binding fix for mini speedometer & date_to_statusbar mod.
  • Background Rotator
  • Put Color Scheme,
  • Swapfile, and
  • Speed Cam Patch files as downloadable extras.
  • Add 'Remove Backups' Flag to tweak uninstalls.
  • Readme/Features list.
  • Translator.
  • Choose location of _copy_to_usb folder [desktop (default), documents, downloads]
  • Automatic Updates
  • Clean up tweak sh logic when handling backups.
  • Include Speedometer Docs.
  • Text color tweak
  • Status bar color/opacity (D2SBv2.4?)
  • Audio source list customization
  • Using angular-dragula!
  • More Docs/Guides
  • Package Mac installer. (dmg)
  • New VideoPlayer
  • Link to autorun
  • New SSH root user jci?
  • Boot Animations
  • Finish help menu information *
  • Show Background: Shows only the background, use any command knob action to go back to the app, home or back to exit.
  • Shift Background: Change to next background (only works with multiple backgrounds single background will show black).

Future Plans: