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Videoplayer app for Mazda cars with Mazda Connect v55+
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Videoplayer app for Mazda cars with Mazda Connect v55+

It works better if you start the car without usb connected. Insert only the usb with movies. Stop the music player and then start the videoplayer.

To hear the video player sound select the active audio source as the same USB as the videos you are playing. Pause audio or play a silent track then start the video and you will hear sound.

Multicontroller Actions:

Multicontroller Action [ In Video List ] [ During Playback ]
Press Command Knob Select video Play/pause
Tilt Up Video list pgup Toggle fullscreen(next video)
Tilt Down Video list pgdn Stop
Tilt Right Scroll Options Next
Tilt Left Scroll Options Previous
Rotate Command Knob CCW Scroll video list up RW (10 seconds)
Rotate Command Knob CW Scroll video list down FF (10 seconds)

ScreenTap Actions [ During Playback ]:

Action: Play/Pause Stop Prev Next RW FF Shuffle RepeatAll
Tap Area: Center Bottom Center Top Left Top Right Bottom Left Bottom Right Top RightCenter Top LeftCenter

Touch Screen Control Map

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