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A Ruby library to parse SGF (Smart Game Format) files, best-known for holding weiqi / go game records

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Author: Aldric Giacomoni || Email :

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Are you using this gem? Is there functionality you wish it had? Is something hard to do? Does the documentation not make sense, and you know how to make it more helpful? Let me know and I'll make it possible, or easier!

SGF: FF4 - may support earlier ones as well, but untested.

Ruby: >=1.9

WARNING: An implementation requirement is to make sure any closing bracket ']' inside a comment is escaped: '\]'. If this is not done, you will be one sad panda! This library will do this for you upon saving, but will most likely die horribly when parsing anything which does not follow this rule.

I'm honestly hoping that this is and remains the fastest SGF parser in Ruby. On my desktop, loading the SGF library and parsing Kogo's Joseki dictionary takes a little under six seconds.

Documentation available at the Github wiki:

Desired behavior:

record = SGF.parse file/URI/IO record.class #=> SGF::Record #=> White Player record.pb #=> Black Player #=> [ SGF::Game, … ] main_branch = game_record.main_branch

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