A tintin++ configuration for the Discworld MUD client, including color and sound triggers. Maintained fork of Dextar's work.
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tintin++ client scripts for Discworld MUD with a Wyzzard player in mind

For the full experience you need festival-tts and mpg321 installed for text-to-speech support and mp3 file support.



Please have a read of config.tin and change it accordingly. Ping me if any of it doesn't make sense and I'll make it clearer.

IN-MUD Setup

You need the following settings in your Discworld options.

  • verbose combat
  • brief money
  • monitor on
  • alias xp money brief;score brief
  • alias quitt quit
  • alias suu su
  • alias afterinventory alias tintin-settings; xp


  • When you join a group, the groupbar will be enabled automatically
  • When someone joins, their name is added to the groupbar, their TPA and kills are monitored
  • When someone leaves, their name is removed to the groupbar, their TPA/kills cleared
  • When you type 'group status', it will populate the groupbar with the names it finds

Additional commands provided by the client:

  • groupbar on/off
  • kills: shows you the tracked kills
  • gkills: shows the group the tracked kills (using gs for group say)
  • ded: shows the timers for special npcs
  • gded: shows the timers to the group (using gs again)

Extra commands you should not need to use

  • partyadd playername: adds a player to the groupbar and tracks their tpa and kills
  • partyremove playername: remove a player from the groupbar


Original work by Dextar d'Parranoid: http://code.google.com/p/dw-tt-script/