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Growl notifications for Barista, the CoffeeScript plugin for Rails

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A simple gem that connects Barista, the CoffeeScript plugin for Rails 3, with Growl. That way, you get a warning the moment the compiler has a syntax error, allowing you to fix bugs faster.


On a Mac, you'll need to have Growl and growlnotify installed.

On Windows, you should just need Growl for Windows.

Once you've got Growl set up, just add barista and barista_growl to your project's Gemfile and bundle install. The relevant lines of your Gemfile might look like this

gem 'barista'
gem 'barista_growl', :git => ''

When you add barista_growl to your project's Gemfile, the [growl]( gem will be added automatically if not already present.


All source is available under the MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


barista_growl is pretty simple, but if you have ideas for improvement, just create an issue at

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