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Alternative Processing bundle for TextMate 2


This is a bundle for TextMate 2. Now you can work on your Processing sketch then run, present, and export all from within TextMate. The Processing language will also be properly understood and highlighted along with included useful snippets and reference material.

Already this bundle can:

  • Determine if you installed processing-java globally or to your home folder
  • Run your saved Processing sketch
  • Run an unsaved scratch Processing sketch
  • Launch a window that logs console output
  • Present your saved Processing sketch
  • Export your Processing sketch as each of the following
    • Java Class Files
    • Mac OS X App
    • Windows Executable Removed by Processing 2.1
    • Linux Binary Removed by Processing 2.1
    • Processing.js Web Files
  • Provide tons of snippets and autocompletions
    • Press TAB to execute a snippet
    • Press ESC to iterate through autocompletions


TextMate 2 currently includes a Processing bundle:

There also exists the once excellent Processing bundle for TextMate by peon:

The bundle included with TextMate 2 is sparse (and doesn't even work on my setup), and the bundle by peon is massively out of date. I am combining ideas from both and developing an up-to-date approach to Processing sketch development in TextMate 2.


Processing is no longer included with the bundle (this is a good thing).

You must download the latest version of Processing:

You must then install the command line support for Processing:

You can then install this bundle and begin making sketches in TextMate 2.

  • If you are a git user
    • Clone the repo
    • Open the repo via Finder or open Processing.tmbundle
    • TextMate 2 should recognize Processing.tmbundle and attempt to install it
  • If you do not want to use git
    • Download the file
    • Unzip
    • Rename the folder to Processing.tmbundle
    • Open the folder Processing.tmbundle
    • TextMate 2 should recognize Processing.tmbundle and attempt to install it

Notes on Processing.js

The method to build for the web is currently naive. It will copy your files into the export/web directory and build an index.html, index.css, and processing.min.js file for you. It will then open the export/web directory. You can simply copy this folder to your web server to host the sketch, or you can launch an http server and view your sketch locally.

Command to launch an http server: python -m SimpleHTTPServer 8888

Address for the page: http://localhost:8888

There is an included Open_Sketch.command file that you can simply open to automatically launch the http server and open the page.


This bundle is still undergoing testing and improvement.

Please add any suggestions or issues to the issue tracker.