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This repository holds a library for making Rocket League bots in Go!

It provides:

  • An easy to use interface for writing bots
  • An example bot using this library

Table of Contents:


Here is a list of public bots made using the RLBotGo package.


This project was made to make it easy to write RL Bots in Go. Instead of using flatbuffer's datatypes, this library converts everything to Go types for ease of use.


Here are some things that could use some work in this repository's current state:

  • Add support for render groups
  • Add support for desired game state
  • Add game message support
  • Add some (potentially) useful math functions
  • Get #Go channel in RLBot Discord


The suggested starting point for using this library is using the RLBotGoExample repository as a template for your bot.

If you don't start with the example repository, start out with a connection to RLBot:

	rlBot, err := RLBot.Connect(23234)
	if err != nil {

After that, send your bot's ready message:

	err = rlBot.SendReadyMessage(true, true, true)
	if err != nil {

Call SetGetInput with the name of your desired callback function:


Finally, write a function to return the player input every tick:

// getInput takes in a GameState which contains the gameTickPacket, ballPredidctions, fieldInfo and matchSettings
// it also takes in the RLBot object. And returns a PlayerInput
func getInput(gameState *RLBot.GameState, rlBot *RLBot.RLBot) *RLBot.ControllerState {
	PlayerInput := &RLBot.ControllerState{}

	// Count ball touches up to 10 and on 11 clear the messages and jump
	wasjustTouched := false
	if gameState.GameTick.Ball.LatestTouch.GameSeconds != 0 && lastTouch != gameState.GameTick.Ball.LatestTouch.GameSeconds {
		lastTouch = gameState.GameTick.Ball.LatestTouch.GameSeconds
		wasjustTouched = true

	if wasjustTouched && totalTouches <= 10 {
    // DebugMessage is a helper function to let you quickly get debug text on screen. it will automaticaly place it so text will not overlap
		rlBot.DebugMessageAdd(fmt.Sprintf("The ball was touched %d times", totalTouches))
		PlayerInput.Jump = false
	} else if wasjustTouched && totalTouches > 10 {
		totalTouches = 0
		PlayerInput.Jump = true
	return PlayerInput


After that, you should have a functional bot!

Some other useful things:

// Sending a quick chat
// (QuickChatSelection, teamOnly) refer to the godocs or RLBot documentation for all QuickChatSelection types
rlBot.SendQuickChat(RLBot.QuickChat_Custom_Toxic_404NoSkill, false)

// Sending a desired game state
// view for more info
// Most fields are optional
desiredState := &RLBot.DesiredGameState{}
desiredState.BallState.Physics.Velocity = RLBot.Vector3{X: 0, Y: 0, Z: 1000}

// Getting ball predictions
// This will be in the gameState sturct that you recive when the getInput callback is called
func getInput(gameState *RLBot.GameState, rlBot *RLBot.RLBot) *RLBot.ControllerState {
	// Loop through all the predictions we have and print the position and predicted time.
	// There should be a total of 6 * 60 predictions. 60 for every secound and a total of 6 secounds
	for i := 0; i < len(gameState.BallPrediction.Slices); i++ {
		prediction := gameState.BallPrediction.Slices[i]
		fmt.Printf("The ball will be at pos (%f, %f, %f) at %f game time", prediction.Physics.Location.X,
			prediction.Physics.Location.Y, prediction.Physics.Location.Z, prediction.GameSeconds)
	return nil


In order to use this library, you'll need to install and configure the following:

To compile your bot the first thing you will want to do is take a look at the bot folder in the Example Repo. Modify the config files to your liking and make sure you point to the correct executable file. After that you can simply use go build ./ and your bot should be built.

To add it to RLBot simply click the +Add button in RL Bot GUI and select the folder that contains the bot folder.

If sending your bot for a tournament it will probably be easiest to place the exe in the bot/src/ folder. Give the bot folder a more unique(Your bots name) name and zip that folder. Make sure to change the path to the exe in the bot.cfg file as well!


Contributions are always welcome. If you're interested in contributing feel free to submit a PR.


This project is currently licensed under the permissive MIT license. Please refer to the license file for more information.


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