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Releases: Treyboyland/IGH2019

Insert Game Here Final Release

14 Jun 04:25
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This is probably how the game will be for the forseeable future. There are a few edge cases that I don't feel like doing (related to enemy detection/player movement while uncontrolled), as well as a lot of code cleanup and balancing, but at that point this ceases to be a jam project and becomes an actual one.

WASD or Arrow Keys to move
Esc to quit/go back to main
Space bar to summon Roast Coffee

There is no point

The circles represent the area of influence for a particular entity. If an entity comes into contact with a different sphere of influence for a long enough time, the entity will switch sides. Various vortexes about the area will spawn entities. These places can be flipped. In doing so, any passing entities will take on the new side.

Features added:
Cursor removed
Roast coffee, in addition to moving around randomly, can now be summoned to your location (instant coffee).
A gauge that denotes general game state between the player's team and the other team

Insert Game Here "Director's Cut"

10 Jun 05:47
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There were a couple of gameplay balance issues and bugs in the audio that took away from the experience a bit. This version decreases the map size, the number of "enemy" spawns and bases. However, the time allowed for the player to enter a base has also been decreased.

Audio started layering over itself on subsequent restarts of the game.
Enemy faces were not randomizing correctly on subsequent restarts of the game.
Compass size has been increased, and now actually points in a direction.

End Insert Game Here

09 Jun 20:57
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Game in the state that it was at the end of Insert Game Here, bugs and all.