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Google Groups Email Lists

TriBITS has the following email lists on Google Groups (i.e. <list-name>

  • tribits-users
    • Allows anyone to post questions about the usage of TriBITS
    • Anyone can join and get emails when a new post is submitted
    • Users can help each other answer questions
    • The list archives is publicly view-able and is publicly searchable
  • tribits-developers
    • Used for developers (and power users) of TriBITS to discuss topics and communicate with each other
    • Anyone can submit emails to the list but only members to the list can read the archives.
  • tribits-checkins
    • Used by the TriBITS script to log and archive info about pushes to TriBITS itself.
    • Currently also used for testing failures sent to CDash.
    • Anyone can post to the list (so that it is easy to sent using mailx from the script from different machines).
    • Only members of the list can view the contents of the list

Subscribing to a list

To request to subscribe to one of the above Google Group email lists, perform the following procedure:

  1. Send email to <mail-list> from the email account that you want to receive the list emails from.

  2. When a confirmation email is sent back, simply reply to the email (do not click "Join this Group").

  3. Send an email to stating that you sent a subscription request to become a member and provide a short justification for why you should be added as a member to the list (NOTE: This is needed because Google Groups will not send a notification email to the list owner).

  4. The list owner (who is a member of tribits-developers) will review the request and, if approved, will finalize the subscription (This is listed under "Members"->"Join Requests").

  5. An email is sent stating that your request was approved and you are now subscribed.

NOTE: With Google Groups, you can subscribe to a list but then change your local preferences to only get daily summaries or not get emails at all. But by being a member of the list, you can view the posts to the list. If you don't subscribe your GMail account then you can send a request to tribits-developers to make this change.

WARNING: If the email account that you send the subscription request from is associated with your Google GMail account in any way (e.g. as a backup email address), then the list's emails may go to your GMail account and not the email account to tried to subscribe from!

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