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Resources to setup and install custom firmware to the New Bittboy & Pocket Go consoles
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New Bittboy & Pocket Go CFW

The custom firmware allows you to play a wide variety of consoles/computers thanks to numerous emulators available to it as well some ports of games. The next guide was made to help anyone to setup it to the console.


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  • The Miyoo CFW is only the base/clean CFW with the lastest developer updates.
  • The Community CFW is the full package with all the lastest community updates (homebrews, emulators, etc...)
Miyoo Community
Bittbot-CFW Bittboy-CFW
PocketGo-CFW Pocketgo-CFW


  • Check main guides for setup in our wiki here
  • Get some homebrews and ports by the community here
  • Check the version details history in our changelog here
  • Join our Discord chat server for more support here


The next guides are to install custom firmware, download links are provide inside. If you want just Update your Custom Firmware you can read here.

Revision Language
Pocket Go v1 English - Korean
New Bittboy v3 & 3.5 English - Korean
New Bittboy v2 & 2.5 English - Korean
New Bittboy v1 English - Korean


Here you have some of the main resources:

Name Link
Official Sites Bittboy - PocketGo
Main Wiki Guides View
Resources & Backups View
Support Chat Server Join Discord

Homebrews and Ports

The next list is the current homebrews and ports available (click the user name for more info).

Download Dev / Port by
Xrick @jamesofarrell
Evil Australians @gameblabla
Yatka @szymor
Hocoslamfy @Nebuleon
Circuit Dude (PocketGo) @crait
Circuit Dude (Bittboy) @crait
Hydra Castle Labyrinth @szymor
Homing Fever @szymor
l'Abbaye des Morts @szymor
Shifty Pills @szymor
Shisen-Seki (四川石) @szymor


The next list is the current tools available (click the user name for more info).

Download Dev / Port by
Coverflow @peterthrees
Simple Menu @fgl82
Calculator for Bittboy @szymor
I/O Tester @pingflood

Beta Testing

Here you have a list some of the beta or custom files, to access them go to Beta Testing folder here. This section is for advanced users, no guides are provided for this (please read the .txt files before using them).

File Notes
GMenu2x_AutoStart Loads the last games/app/rom you were playing at startup
Screen_Tearing_1 Improved driver for PocketGo and Bittboy v3
Screen_Tearing_2 Same as the first version but fix the screen distortion
Screen_Tearing_3 Improved driver for Bittboy v3.5 only
Screen_Tearing_4 Improved driver for Bittboy v2 only
FCEUX_Rumble Modified NES Emulator FCEUX to support rumble
FCEUX_Improved_1 First version of modified/improved NES Emulator FCEUX
FCEUX_Improved_2 Lastest update of modified/improved NES Emulator FCEUX
FS_Corruption_Daemon Daemon file to fix file system corruptions
NSF_Player Simple NES Emulator FCEUX shortcut to play NSF sound files
Switch_PWM_Scripts Scripts to improve the background sound noise

Console Revisions Differences

This lists are for devices differences, the next one is for Pocket Go:

Rev Release Notes
1 May 10, 2019 Added shoulder buttons (L & R)
1 May 10, 2019 Added physical volume control
1 May 10, 2019 Changed form factor to landscape

The next list are for New Bittboy, which has 3 main revisions:

Rev Release Notes
3.5 May 14, 2019 Changed circuit board (see here)
3.5 May 14, 2019 Barcode changed to 20190424 005 (newers no longer include it)
3.5 May 14, 2019 Glass screen is thinner
3 April 23, 2019 New non-registered key combos detected
3 April 23, 2019 Fixed Ghost Key issues
3 April 23, 2019 Added tempered glass screen
3 April 23, 2019 Added rumble/vibration features
3 April 23, 2019 Micro USB port is flush with the shell
3 April 23, 2019 Bigger lightning symbol on battery LED
3 April 23, 2019 Changed screen (Still IPS but different model)
3 April 23, 2019 Barcode (20190410 004) added at the rear top of the console
3 April 23, 2019 Processor changed to Allwinner F1C100s (Not F1C500s anymore)
3 April 23, 2019 Box design changed (see here)
3 April 23, 2019 Changed color shell (Slightly darker than the rev1)
2.5 March 05, 2019 Removed internal chip storage, no stock firmware
2.5 March 05, 2019 Only runs CFW from SD Card
2.5 March 05, 2019 Changed color shell to gray
2 Jan 10, 2019 Three display options (I: Normal, II: Pixel Perfect, III: Full)
2 Jan 10, 2019 Changed screen (Still IPS, removed 2nd display)
2 Jan 10, 2019 Clicky Start and Select buttons
2 Jan 10, 2019 4bit hardware
2 Jan 10, 2019 Changed the button scan code sequence
2 Jan 10, 2019 Can run Stock Firmware and Custom Firmware
1 Nov 30, 2018 Two display options (I: Normal, II: Full)
1 Nov 30, 2018 Soft Start and Select click buttons
1 Nov 30, 2018 Internal 2nd display (Not used)
1 Nov 30, 2018 1bit hardware
1 Nov 30, 2018 CFW requires hardware modifications

Special Thanks

The next people is contributing to all development of this Bittboy related stuff:


OpenDingux for Miyoo/Bittboy handheld was ported by @steward-fu and GMenuNX by @pingflood is a fork of GMenu2X developed by Massimiliano Torromeo. This project is licensed under GPLv2 as free software. You are free to use, modify and redistribute them following the terms in License.txt

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