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Pocket Go v1 Custom Firmware

Before working with this, we would like to express our gratitude to Steward-fu and the people mentioned on main page special thanks here.

This is still a beta and is still in development.

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1) Materials

  1. Pocket Go v1
  2. SD card of 8GB or more
  3. Lastest CFW v1.3 Image (Download)
  4. Install Partition Wizard (Download)
  5. Install win32diskimager (Download)
  6. Install 7zip (Download)
  7. Optional Install SD Card Formatter (Download)

2) Setup


  1. If you are using the included SD you need to remove all partitions using Partition Wizard, SD Card Formatter or Windows Disk Management. Note: SD Card need to be in FAT 32 format.
  2. If the CFW file is compressed on .7zip just extract using 7zip before proceed.
  3. Execute win32diskimager, select SD card, load the .IMG file and press Write button to proceed.
  4. Once the image is burned on the SD card, open Partition Wizard and choose Disk Management.
  5. Then right click on the main partition and choose extend (Set it to the maximum) and apply.
  6. Insert the SD into New Bittboy and turn it on. If it boots it is a success.

Note: If you have problems to access the "main" partition on Windows 7 or 8 please read here

Enjoy! 😁

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