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The definitive custom firmware for BittBoy, PocketGo, PowKiddy V90-Q90-Q20 (and 3rd party consoles) allows you unlock the potential of the hardware and use software from a wide variety of consoles and computers thanks to the availability of numerous emulators and native ports of several games!


Compatible Consoles

  • BittBoy v1, v2, v2.5, v3, v3.5
  • Pocket Go
  • PowKiddy Q90
  • PowKiddy V90
  • PowKiddy Q20 Mini
  • Sup M3 v1, v2 (See notes)
  • XYC Q8
  • RS-77 (Not confirmed)
  • Powkiddy X7 (Not confirmed)

Notes: Only devices with Allwinner F1C100S or F1C500S SOC are supported and even these can come with not fully compatible components (e.g. unfamiliar LCD display). There were reports of console revisions with "updated" SOC - F1E200 or V100.

The Not confirmed consoles are not supported yet, these consoles are under revision and may not be on the final compatibility list.

Below guide may be outdated!

Since Version 2.0.0 Beta was pre-released the following guide will change or be updated and the current one may be only for the old version 1.3.3. Be careful!

General Information

SD Card

Is highly recommended to NOT use the SD card included in the package with the console or unbranded ones, it can be corrupted easily without reason due its bad quality. We recommend to use the common brands, 2GB minimum and class 10 for faster install process.

Brightness workaround

If the console hotkeys for brightness doesn't work for some reason, you can try to edit (with a text editor) and increase the number in the .backlight.conf file placed on the main partition of your SD card.

Shutting down the console

  • Not shutting down safely can cause micro SD corruption
  • To safely shut down the console:
    • Exit from the emulator or game you are playing to return to the main menu (gmenu)
    • Hold the Start button to open the Power Menu
    • Press A to shut down
    • Alternatively you can go to the settings section and use the "Shutdown" icon or use the Quick Shutdown Hotkey
    • When the screen turns black, flick the power switch

Screen timeout/sleep mode

This only applies while in the main menu:

  • Pressing the R/Reset button will put the device into sleep/suspend mode
    • Press R/Reset again to wake it up
  • The default screen timeout is 90 seconds, after this the screen will go black (the device will go to sleep)
  • The default power timeout is 10 minutes, after the console has been idle for 10 minutes it will perform a soft shutdown
    • Once this has occurred, you must flick the power switch off and back on to wake the device

Alternative to access the "main" partition on Windows 7 or 8