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RetroFW Firmware releases
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Current version: RetroFW V1.2


RetroFW V1.2

  • Fix boot lag due to bad behaved FAT32 partition in some uSD Cards

RetroFW V1.1

  • Rebuilt rootfs based on buildroot-2018.02.11
  • Add OGG support
  • exFAT support (experimental)
  • Add Python + PyGame libraries
  • Improved recovery mode
    • Improved automatic SD card resizing
    • Added file system check mode
  • Fix power off bug in Kernel

Supported IPK:


Download Description
GMenuNX SDL frontend and launcher
PyMenu Python frontend and launcher
Commander File manager
Glutexto Text editor


Download Description
BattLog Log battery discharge profile
IO Tester Input/output tester for the RetroGame
PixMassage Try to fix LCD stuck pixel
GPmark Graphics benchmark


Download System
colem ColecoVision
dingux-2600 Atari 2600
dingux-atari Atari 800
dingux-cap32 Amstrad CPC
dingux-msx MSX
dosbox DOSBox - MS-DOS Emulator
fba-a320 FB Alpha - Arcade and Console - A320 version
fbasdl FB Alpha - Arcade and Console - GCW0 version
fceux NES
gpsp Game Boy Advance
gambatte Game Boy / Game Boy Color
handy Atari Lynx
jzintv Intellivision
mame4all MAME / Arcade
oswan WonderSwan
pcsx4all Playstation (PSOne)
picodrive Mega Drive / Sega CD / Master System / Game Gear
pocketsnes Super NES
pokemini Pokémini
prosystem-od Atari 7800
race-od Neo Geo Pocket
scummvm ScummVM
sms_sdl Master System / Game Gear
speccy ZX Spectrum
temper PC-Engine
uae4all Amiga


Download Name
abbaye l'Abbaye des Morts
arkanoid Arkanoid
cannonball The Enhanced OutRun Engine
ganbare Ganbare-Natsukisan
mrdrillux Mr Drillux
kof KOF Flames Of Courage
opentyrian Open Tyrian
quake Quake
quake2 Quake 2
sorr Streets of Rage Remake
tileworld Tile World
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