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Game modification for Euro Truck Simulator 2 which adds new features to the game
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Roadside MP

This custom game modification aims to improve the multiplayer experience on Euro Truck Simulator 2 game


Version Wiki Stars Issues


  • Check main guides for setup in our wiki here
  • Join our Discord chat server for more support here


Note: This mod is under development, some features may be disabled or not finished. If you found a bug, problem or an error, please contact join our Discord chat here


  • Custom 'Launcher' that connects to Steam and launches the game, makes User sign in when launched
  • Ability for User to change their player tag to a custom field, change the colour of their tag and other settings
  • Display User's Name and tag will above their truck
  • Let the User pick a server (there'll only be one for now)

User management

  • Login system
  • User roles (Player, Developer and Moderator)
  • Punishment commands (Kick, silence, ban, etc...)
  • Report system (Send and read messages)


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