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Bootstrap base structure for Standalone & Wordpress websites with CSS, JS & PHP utilities
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Custom Bootstrap Website Base

Base structure for websites with reusable parts of source code or functions mainly based on Bootstrap + PHP and another libraries. You can visit the website above for a running example.


Name Version Info
Standalone PHP 5.4+ Visit
WordPress 5.0.3 Visit
Bootstrap 4.2.1 Visit
jQuery 3.3.1 Visit

Functions & Code Snippets

  • Custom HTML header data through PHP
  • Custom PHP main utility class
  • Custom CSS & JS built in PHP with minify & mix features
  • Custom htaccess file with force HTTPS & WWW options
  • PHP Features:
    • Custom CSS & JS template generator
    • Minify CSS, JS and HTML
    • Send E-Mails with PHPMailer
    • Check ends or start of string
    • Check string contains another string
    • Compare strings
    • Strip all whitespaces to string
    • Convert string to boolean
    • Remove accents
    • Sanitize strings
    • Convert to slug
    • Limit character/words
    • Get Main URL, Protocol, HTTPS, Current URL, and more...
    • Array index access
    • Add & remove URL query argument
    • Convert string to UTF-8
    • Custom show date format
    • Custom paginator
    • Get YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook ID and embed code URL
    • Get website parts with cUrl
    • Get external functions
    • Remove directory (recursively)
  • JS Features:
    • Custom console log for WebsiteBase functions (JSconsole)
    • Custom language support
    • Browser detection
    • Mobile detection
    • Custom modal trigger function
    • Check attr function
    • Check outer width or height with padding or margin
    • Remove whitespaces between elements
    • Custom form validation
    • Convert string to boolean
    • Get max width & height between elements
    • Custom responsive code event
    • LightGallery improved & custom functions
    • Image auto-fill background images
    • Detect element height changes
    • Text cut one line function
    • Text cut multiline function
    • Text auto size function
    • Custom modal box using BootBox plugin (Plain text, HTML content and Ajax)
    • Video launch modal box function for YouTube, Vimeo and Facebook
    • Capitalize first character function
    • Convert to slug function
    • Auto scroll function
    • Disable right click menu on elements
    • Get URL parameter from URL
    • Get URL parameter from script SRC
    • Convert strings to links function
    • Remove HTML tags function
    • Check hashtag links function
    • Custom window pop-up function
    • Map launch function for Google Maps and Waze
    • Custom paginator function
    • Table painter & cleaner
    • Anchor tag functionallity for any HTML tag
    • Custom Masonry usage
    • Remove accents from strings
  • CSS Features:
    • Some Bootstrap modified classes to resemble its previous version
    • Custom modal extra large size
    • Custom modal alignment (Top, Bottom, Center, Left and Right)
    • Custom modal alternative fade effect
    • Custom dropdown overflow
    • Custom file input button language
    • Custom card overflow
    • Custom textarea overflow disable
    • Custom form warning validation
    • Custom rounded carousel indicators
    • Custom carousel controls hidden on mobile
    • Custom gradient text truncate
    • Collection of custom hover effects
    • Included BebasNeue example font face
  • Wordpress Features:
    • Custom setup for localhost & production enviroments
    • Custom htaccess with force HTTPS & WWW options
    • Custom WordPress functions and snippets (See Wiki)
    • Admin panel CSS & JS injections
    • Pre-Installed Plugins:
      • Admin Menu Editor
      • Advanced Custom Fields
      • Antispam Bee
      • Classic Editor
      • Custom Post Type UI
      • Enhaced Context Help
      • Gutenberg Editor
      • Loco Translate
      • Login reCaptcha
      • Mail SMTP
      • Migrate DB
      • Resize Image After Upload
      • Simple Custom Post Order
      • Simple History
      • TinyMCE
      • User Role Editor


Name Source
BootBox JS Visit
Clipboard JS Visit
Data Tables Visit
Font Awesome Visit
Holder JS Visit
Hover CSS Visit
Images Loaded Visit
jQuery Browser Visit
jQuery Cookie Visit
jQuery Fullscreen Visit
jQuery Rotate Visit
jQuery UI Visit
Light Gallery Visit
Masonry JS Visit
Moment JS Visit
PHP Mailer Visit
Popper JS Visit
Tempus Dominus Visit
TinyMCE Visit
Touch Swipe Visit

Questions & Answers

  1. How i can use the functions described above?

    • I will try to add all the explanation in the Wiki page. To access it click here.
  2. What about Bootstrap 3.3.7 and its Internet Explorer 8 & 9 compatibility?

    • Bootstrap 4 dropped IE8, IE9, and iOS 6 support. Is now only IE10+ and iOS 7+. Anyway if you want to give support, you can access the lastest Website Base commit for Bootstrap 3.3.7 here.
  3. What happen if an Internet Explorer 8 & 9 or iOS 6 user access a website which uses this project?

    • A screen will appear with a message with an advice to update his navigator to a newer one.
  4. How can i use this stuff in plain HTML instead the PHP standalone?

    • I left a compiled demo in the html folder, you can take a look there. Also you can download it here.

Recommended Tools for editing

Recommended Tools for server


I coded the most of the code snippets and functions (from scratch or searching the whole internet). About the included libraries im not the author, but i try to let other people find the best way to use them (original authors are mentioned and linked on resources section). If you have any question feel free to contact me at

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