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Translation files for Android app 'Click to chat'
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Translation files for Android app 'Click to chat'

You can provide your own translations or improve current ones, either by a GitHub pull request or by sending me the translated files by email (you can download the files here: ).

Also please agree with the following points:

  • I can't pay you anything. Note that the app is free, created with no profit in mind, and without sponsorship. Ideally they should cost me nothing.
  • You will be credited in the acknowledgments section (both on the app and in the play store) with the name provided in the files (header section). However if you prefer a different name or you prefer not to be credited at all just say so.
  • If I update the app and change strings, I'll consider removing the translation (if it is very different) or keep the translated with the untranslated strings mixed, until a translation update is provided (by the same or different person).

I'll try to update the app as soon as possible, feel free to send me an email with any questions [correo--correo+appOIWt (at) hotmail (dot) com].

You can not use any of this files, totally or partially, on your own app.

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