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This is the BrightByte developer reputation project.

Branch distribution

In this repository there are two different implementations for brighbyte, a simple mono-team platform called, "base Brightbyte" marked with the tags vX.X.X and a multi-team version for called "Brightbyte cloud" uploaded to the master branch and marked with the tags vX.X.X-cloud.

Brightbyte cloud is built on top of base BrightByte adding all the team managing features.

Folder organization

This project is divided in several folders.

  • /webapp contains the frontend project developed with Ionic 3.
  • /backend contains the backend project developed with NestJS.
  • /blockchain contains smartcontracts, deploying algorithms and some tests.
  • /tools contains useful scripts for testing or code examples.

Each one of them contains its own package.json with several commands and dependecies. Some of them also contains a file with more information.

Quick local starup

Run yarn install then yarn start in root directory to install and start a full local version of Brightbyte.

Startup order

If you want to customize the code an run it by yourself, there is a specific order to start the system:

  1. Start ganache locally if needed with yarn run ganache in blockchain folder.
  2. Deploy smartcontracts with yarn run truffle:migrate.
  3. Go to webapp folder and run yarn start to run the frontend.
  4. Finally go to backend folder and run yarn start.

Dependencies installation

Run yarn install in each directory for installing all the dependencies.

Multiple version deployment

In the current version v.0.5.0 the smart contracts and backend are the same as v.0.4.9


Each change of version where the smart contracts have been modified will be necessary to do a migration in order to keep the data. For more information about Migrations please see migration procedure

Integration with version control systems

Since version v0.6.0 it is available a new optional feature that allows the users to use their favorites systems for version control, for more information about how to apply this feature please check it here

Terms and conditions

This project comes with a default terms and conditions text. This text can be modified by adding HTML in the file src/pages/termsandconditions/termsandconditions.html or in src/assets/i18n/[language].json to the variable app.termsDescrition.

More information

For more information about BrightByte please visit BrightByte page or contact Tribalyte Technologies.

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