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The elastic database system. A database designed for P2P-like scenarios, where potentially millions of computers send database updates around.
branch: devel

Merge pull request #424 from whirm/isolated_tests

(re) add DISPERSY_BOOTSTRAP_FILE env variable support
latest commit 56225e2282
@LipuFei LipuFei authored
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discovery We want to keep the old behaviour if DISPERSY_BOOTSTRAP_FILE env vari…
doc Include images in repository.
libnacl @ 8bf9725 Update libnacl pointer
scripts add script for starting trackers
tests Fixup for multiple delays send
tool Fix for refactored crypto.
tracker Convert the tracker to a twistd plugin
twisted/plugins use DailyLogFile for tracker service
.gitignore ignore flycheck temp files
.gitmodules Add libnacl submodule moved revision stuff into file, importing from __init__ is not always… solve some pep8 problems Removed some unneccesary debug prints Improved get_walk_candidate a bit, added discovered candidates to Merge pull request #419 from rjruigrok/intro-payloads Fixes for discovery community Moved some of the runtime_statistics decorator fix a problem that file paths can be unicode some cleanup Only print statistics if we tell dispersy to do so fix db upgrade v18 to v19 some cleanup Fixup for NullEndpoint closes #165 some cleanup Removed some unneccesary debug prints More logging when message is not decodable convert to use per-class logger Actually fix the duplicated undo, we don't know why the test was pass… pop() should raise a KeyError exception like a normal dictionary does. Fixed #414 and #413 Runtime sorted + only contains items with a runtime > 1s. Refactor the requestcache to extend TaskManager Fixed #414 and #413 Fixed undo/revoke stuff
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