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@xoriole xoriole released this Mar 26, 2019 · 65 commits to devel since this release


  • Added scalable Giga Channels
  • Redesigned the channels in the GUI
  • Partial migration of codebase to Python3
  • Various market bug fixes
  • Debug pane enhancements: added tunnel/DHT info, statistics
  • Improved unit and integration tests
  • Added VLC 3.0.6 bindings
  • Enable PEX for anonymous sessions
  • Increase min/max_circuits
  • Pony & lz4 added in debian build as pip dependency
  • Fixed TrustChain key usage
  • Fixed errors in SQL upgrade script
  • Fix for DHT not making any requests
  • Renamed lt extension to create_ut_metadata_plugin
  • Update dependencies for Arch Linux
  • Removed DHT retry mechanism
  • Added BEP33 DHT health check
  • Bitcoinlib compatibility with version 0.4.5
  • Update GUI with discovered channels in real time
  • Fixed multiple instances of Tribler
  • Preventing too long scrape UDP messages
  • Added support for detailed community statistics
  • Remove blocking_call_from_reactor_thread decorators
  • Fixed logging message that still used relay.mid
  • Added check whether resource monitor is enabled
  • Fix GUI glitch in Trust statistics graph
  • Not printing stacktrace when inserting torrent
  • Elided search queries in GUI
  • Fixed exit_nodes file path
  • Fixes in properly handling DHT errors in direct payouts & market community
  • Various fixes for newer bitcoinlib versions
  • Allow code execution, enabled by program flag
  • Fixed race condition in start download dialog
  • Removed bootstrap on circuit removal
  • Added price details to GUI list with asks/bids
  • Colorized peer counts in debug window
  • Added explanation below anonymity slider in GUI
  • Fixed bug when determining category
  • Updated pretty date utility
  • Added support for building snap package
  • Fixed crash when we have a non-empty .unwanted dir
  • Added tracker blacklist file
  • Retry VideoServer port on failure
  • Moved torrent validation to libtorrent
  • Added remote search in Giga Channel Community
  • Deal gracefully with failure to import meliae
  • Free matplotlib memory in Token Mining page
  • Fetching right info key from metainfo
  • Various GUI fixes
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