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Scientific publication venues for ledger science

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Conference Notes / Key words / Relevance Deadline
DICG Our workshop, Distributed algorithms, Trust and reputation systems, Decentralization 21.09.2020
P2P Financial Systems Economics, financial systems, DeFi 25.09.2021
AAMAS Multi-agent Systems, Markets, Auctions and Non-Cooperative Game Theory, Social Choice 01.10.2021
EuroSys General computer systems, distributed systems 09.10.2021
SIGMETRICS Quantitative measurements, evaluations of systems/algorithms 13.10.2021 / 26.01.2022
STOC Theory, distributed algorithms 04.11.2021
Usenix ATC Systems 06.01.2022
IFIP Networking Network architectures, modelling, analysis 21.01.2022?
ACM HPDC High-performance Distributed computing, networks 24.01.2021??
SIGCOMM Networks, networked systems 27.01.2021??
DISCOTEC - DAIS Distributed applications, blockchains 05.02.2021
EC 2022 Economics and Computation (chair Sven Seuken) 10.02.2022
ACM SPAA Distributed algorithms, data structures 11.02.2021
ICALP Theory, distributed computing 12.02.2020
EUROPAR General distributed computing 12.02.2021
PODC Theory, distributed computing, blockchains 15.02.2021
ICCCN Computer networks (design and implementation) 19.02.2021
DEBS Distributed computing, ledgers, blockchains 05.03.2021
SYSTOR Systems, storage, fault tolerance, trust 09.03.2021
IEEE DAPPS 2021 Distributed ledgers, blockchains, decentralized identity, token economy 27.04.2021
Middleware 2021 Systems, networking, P2P, blockchains 22.05.2021
ACM Financial Technology'21 financial infrastructure, cryptocurrencies, applications, blockchains, and exchanges 27.05.2021
FOCS Theory, distributed computing 03.06.2021
ESA Theory, algorithms, distributed computing 29.04.2020
ISPDC Distributed architectures, applications and algorithms 11.05.2020
DISC Theory, distributed computing, blockchain protocols, game-theoretic approaches 14.05.2020
SAGT Game theory, trust/reputation systems 19.05.2020
OSDI Operating systems, distributed systems 27.05.2020
IEEE Globecom General networking systems 29.05.2020
SRDS Distributed systems 29.05.2020
Middleware Systems, networking, P2P, blockchains 03.06.2020
ICDCS Distributed algorithms, distributed systems, blockchains 15.06.2020
ISAAC General algorithms, including distributed 29.06.2020
CoNEXT Network architectures, content distribution 29.06.2020
ICDCN General distributed computing 03.07.2020
Siam SODA Algorithmic aspects of CS, discrete algorithms, distributed computing, networks 13.07.2020
SSS Self-stabilization, distributed data structures, P2P networks 03.08.2020
IEEE INFOCOM Computer communications, networking, P2P networks 15.08.2020
OPODIS General distributed systems: distributed algorithms, computing, blockchains 05.09.2020
IEEE NCA Network computing, including blockchains 07.09.2020
Usenix NSDI General networked systems 10.09.2020
ICISSP Identity and Trust Management, Distributed Ledgers and Blockchain Technologies and Applications 14.09.2020

Journals (with impact factor)

Emerging Journals:

ToDo: machine learning; MLSys conf., EuroMLSys workshop, DistributedML workshop, and JSys journal.

ToDo: Web3; ??

Journal special issues(OLD):


Broad and for systems research in general:

  • March 6, 2020 COINS (IoT conference, might be a target for TrustChain re-sell?)

Specifically on distributed ledgers or networking:

Prior events: