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Libre Trickster

A libre project whose goal is to rebuild the mmorpg Trickster Online from scratch under GNU licenses.

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  1. TNT TNT Public

    The NORI Tool (TNT)

    Java 21 13

  2. TO-Toolbox TO-Toolbox Public

    Prototype Content Editor Multi-tool

    C# 9 14

  3. LTClient LTClient Public

    Libre Trickster Client - just a placeholder at the moment

    2 1

  4. LTServer LTServer Public

    Libre Trickster Server - just a placeholder at the moment

    1 1

  5. LTWebsite LTWebsite Public

    Libre Trickster Website

    HTML 1 1

  6. LTBE LTBE Public

    Trickster 0.50 server emu meant to help in the development of the LTClient



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