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Kitty is just a quick console syntax highlighting tool. It was written for the .NET framework and it shows and syntax highlights source files (when it can). The approach is very simplistic (intentionally) so one shouldn't expect too great things from it, but it can at least help as a quick solution. It's set up in a modular way to support for more languages should not be that hard.


The name "Kitty" is a pun to "cat", the unix tool to create and view text files. Although "cat" is not named after the animal but is merely a shortening for "conCAT", it was just a nice play to do. Oh, by the way, my beloved little girl (see picture below) is also named "Kitty"... Isn't she cute? Kitty


Kitty will normally recognize the file you want to view with it by its extension, and highlight it, if it has been recognized. It works as simple as this:

Kitty "SourceFile.c" 

Multiple files are also possible, like this:

Kitty "SourceFile.c" "HeaderFile.h"

Now Kitty has NO built-in support for wild cards, which can be a bit of a bummer in Windows unless you're using Cygwin I guess.

MacOS X and Linux

Kitty has been coded in C#, and therefore uses the .NET Framework. When you use programs like Mono, Kitty should work

mono Kitty.exe "SourceFile.c"
# Of course that is if Kitty.exe is in a directory Mono can find XD

Supported Languages

On the moment this document was updated, the next languages were supported:

Extension Language Added by: Notes:
bas BASIC/GW-BASIC/QBASIC Jeroen P. Broks Please note that due to the many variants of this language the highlight can sometimes be faulty.
bb BlitzBasic Jeroen P. Broks This includes its variants Blitz3D and BlitzPlus
bmx BlitzMax Jeroen P. Broks
bf Brainfuck Jeroen P.Broks Esolang
c/cpp/h/hpp C/C++ Jeroen P. Broks
cs C# Jeroen P. Broks
gini GINI Jeroen P. Broks
go Go Jeroen P. Broks
html/htm HTML Freezernick
ini ini/config Jeroen P. Broks
java Java Jeroen P. Broks
js JavaScript Jeroen P. Broks
json JSON Jeroen P. Broks
lua Lua Jeroen P. Broks
nil NIL isn't Lua Jeroen P. Broks
neil Neil Jeroen P. Broks
pas Pascal Jeroen P. Broks
py Python Jeroen P. Broks
saskia SAKSIA Jeroen P. Broks
scf/ssf Scyndi prototype Jeroen P. Broks This language will be entirely revised and then this format may get deprecated!
vb VisualBasic Freezernick
ws Whitespace Jeroen P. Broks Depending on the used console software, this may not work on your system or not well.
xml XML Freezernick This also triggers C# and Visual C++ projects and XAML files

More might be added later, but no promises yet ;)


Quick Syntax Highlighter for use on the console







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