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The Tridion Practice project

A collection of resources for Tridion practitioners

The Tridion cookbook

A collection of "recipes" to allow useful examples of Tridion code to be shared and discussed. These are not "building blocks", which might perhaps be used unaltered. Here - any re-use is more likely to be a question of abstracting what's needed from the recipe's source code. The emphasis is on stating a problem, proposing a solution, and then providing a discussion of the thinking behind the given solution. The discussion should give insights into when this solution is appropriate or not, and perhaps also give pointers to related techniques or recipes.

The Tridion Patterns Repository

While cookbook recipes give examples of re-usable practice at a code level, software patterns represent elements of design thinking that can commonly be re-used. Most Tridion practitioners are aware of several such Patterns, indeed some of them are used almost universally. We hope to help establish a common vocabulary, and to provide a central point to allow the patterns to benefit from widespread experience.

You are welcome to join us

Any new contributors are always welcome. Perhaps you already have some good examples that could become cookbook recipes with a little re-work. Feel free to get in touch.

What it isn't

There are many community initiatives based around the Tridion suite:

If you have a specific Tridion question that you are looking for an answer to, then you could do worse than to take yourself over to

SDL themselves would like you to take part in their own community site.

We're happy to link to any other Tridion community initiative. Just get in touch.

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