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Graphical artwork

Updated Jul 27, 2017

Icons, Terrain, Images, Background, Color schemes, Fonts, Videos, ... Important: license agreement, "raw" data

Game design

Updated Jul 27, 2017

Fill in the big gaps, detail as much as possible. Results will be discussed first and then included in the game design document.

Map prototype

Updated Jul 27, 2017

A nice 2D map using Qt features, possibly with procedurally generated look to avoid too much repetition.

Trade prototype

Updated Jul 27, 2017

The trading algorithms on multiple marketplaces, the setting of buying/selling goals, the actual trading, the influence on market share and balance sheet.

Battle Prototype

Updated Jul 27, 2017

The tactic battle map and commanding armies on the battle map, conducting a single battle including graphics, user interface and computer opponents.


Updated Jul 30, 2017

The goals to be implemented by each version.

Music and Sound effects

Updated Jul 27, 2017

The creation and implementation in the code of music and sound effects.

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