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"Colorless, tasteless, oderless poison that will rid your system of its rodent infestation" i.e. simulates mouse events from the keyboard
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COPYING v0.5 aka 1.0rc
Makefile v0.5 aka 1.0rc
PKGBUILD v0.5 aka 1.0rc
README version 0.2
iocane-0.5.tar.gz v0.5 aka 1.0rc
iocane.1 v0.5 aka 1.0rc
iocane.c v0.5 aka 1.0rc
iocanerc version 0.2
man1.tex v0.5 aka 1.0rc


  "The colorless, oderless, tasteless poision that will elimiate
   your system's rodent infestation"

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