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.TH "IOCANE" "1" "26 September 2013" "simulate mouse events " "simulate mouse events "
\- The colorless, oderless, tasteless poison that will eliminate your system\&'s rodent infestation
[\fB\-c\fP\fI command\-string\fP]
simulates mouse events from the keyboard, or from commands in a script file.
Print help and exit
Run in interactive mode
Run in stdin mode (default)
\fB\-c\fP\fI command\-string\fP
Execute command\-string. Multiple commands can be placed on the command line with multiple \fB\-c\fP
flags. If \fIcommand\-string\fP
contains spaces they must be escaped or quoted. If any \fB\-c\fP
commands are specified, iocane
will not default to stdin mode and will instead exit after all \fIcommand\-string\fPs
are executed. This can be overridden by explicitly specifying interactive or stdin mode on the command line.
Specify an optional iocane
script file from which to read commands.
In interactive mode, runtime configuration is read from the following files, in order, stopping at the first file found:
Each non\-empty, non\-comment line in a configuration file specifies a \fIkey\fP
and a \fIcommand\-string\fP\&.
Any X11 keysym can be used for \fIkey\fP\&.
The following \fIcommand\-string\fPs
can be entered in the configuration file to be bound to a key, specified as an option to a \fB\-c\fP
flag on the command line, sent to iocane\&'s
stdin, or entered one per line in a script with a #!/bin/iocane shebang. Any command can also be specified by first letter.
Move the cursor off screen
\fBmove\fP \fIx\fP \fIy\fP
Move the cursor by (\fIx\fP,\fIy\fP)
\fIx\fP \fIy\fP
Place the cursor at coordinates (\fIx\fP,\fIy\fP)
\fBbutton\fP \fIn\fP
Simulate a press of mouse button \fIn\fP
\fBcursor\fP \fIn\fP
Sets the cursor to the \fIn\fPth
item in X Font Cursors
\fBsleep\fP \fIs\fP \fIms\fP
Sleep for \fIs\fP
seconds and \fIms\fP
\fBquit\fP | \fBexit\fP
Exit from interactive mode or end a script
Copyright (C)2013 Jesse McClure
License GPLv3: GNU GPL version 3 \fB\fP
This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law.
Submit bug reports via github:
I would like your feedback. If you enjoy Iocane
see the bottom of the site below for detauls on submitting comments:
.\" NOTE: This file is generated, DO NOT EDIT.