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Companion Code for Eric Gerling's SANS Cloud DevOps Security Summit Presentation
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Cloud DevOps Security Summit 2019

This repository contains the source code for Eric Gerling's presentation at the SANS Cloud DevOps Security Summit 2019.

NOTE: This is meant as example code only. The CIS example does not implement the majority of the CIS Benchmark, but only a select few examples to demonstrate test kitchen to test and validate compliance requirements on AMIs prior to being rolled out to AWS accounts.

Required for Setup

It is expected you have an AWS account and a Jenkins environment running to utilize the examples in this repository.

You will need the following software installed on your local machine if you are stepping through the process manually.

You will need to edit the ami/.kitchen.yml file to update variables with the appropriate values from your AWS account.

Repository Layout

The AMI build process is in the ami directory.

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