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Service-oriented World of Warcraft 4.x (Cataclysm) emulator written in C#/.NET 4.0 (with Mono 2.10.2+ support).
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Analysis Disable CA2204.
Dependencies Revert "Added Mono.Tasklets.dll (to be used in a Mono-specific actor …
Documentation This wasn't supposed to go in here...
Documents Fixed a typo.
Shared Update Copyright year.
Tests Move test-related files around.
Trinity.Core Edited Trinity.Core/Cryptography/BigInteger.cs via GitHub
Trinity.Encore.AccountService Code style.
Trinity.Encore.AuthenticationService Build fix.
Trinity.Encore.Game Fix build, correct a file name
Trinity.Encore.MapService Changed one reference type to ISpacePartition
Trinity.Encore.PatchService Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Patcher Fix connection index check patching (missed a nop). Thanks to Pepsi1x1.
Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool Ensure returned values in OpCodeUtility.GetOpCodesForCondensedOpCode are
Trinity.Encore.Scripts.AI Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Scripts.Battlegrounds Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Scripts.Instances Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Scripts.Misc Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Scripts.Spells Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Scripts.World Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Services Avoid using IsReference in the IPC layer for interoperability with we…
Trinity.Encore.SocialService Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.TerrainService Added Trinity.Encore.ReverserTool.
Trinity.Encore.Tests.Core Merge pull request #2 from NefX/a78ac434dd2c1239fb42439a532dfc51e964df60
Trinity.Encore.Tests.Game Refactoring and apply codestyle in recent changesets
Trinity.Encore.Tests.Services Adding unit test projects and some initial tests of the core framework.
Trinity.Encore.WorldService Revised packet handling.
Trinity.Network Fix contract class name + visibility.
Trinity.Persistence Get rid of an evil hack in SchemaInfo.
.gitignore Added a handler for the grunt survey packet Set executable flag on all .sh files. Set executable flag on all .sh files.
Trinity.Encore.R#Settings Added ReSharper settings. Requires ReSharper Settings Manager.
Trinity.Encore.sln Revert "Added Mono.Tasklets.dll (to be used in a Mono-specific actor …
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