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  1. TrinityCore TrinityCore Public

    TrinityCore Open Source MMO Framework (master =, 3.3.5 = 3.3.5a.12340, wotlk_classic =, cata classic =

    C++ 9.1k 6k

  2. WowPacketParser WowPacketParser Public

    World of Warcraft Packet Parser

    C# 402 350

  3. aowow aowow Public

    Forked from Sarjuuk/aowow

    Database viewer for TrinityCore based on aowow by @LordJZ, based on the JS-Engine of Wowhead

    PHP 31 18

  4. minimanager minimanager Public

    Forked from Amit86/minimanager

    TrinityCore Web management tool

    PHP 28 36

  5. TrinityCoreCustomChanges TrinityCoreCustomChanges Public

    TrinityCore 3.3.5a custom patches, read wiki to get diffs

    C++ 68 59

  6. WoWSimpleRegistration WoWSimpleRegistration Public

    Forked from masterking32/WoWSimpleRegistration

    Simple Registration page for TrinityCore/AzerothCore/AshamaneCore/CMangos

    PHP 42 29


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