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Conversion of EventAI (EAI) to SmartAI (SAI) for TrinityCore.
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About this software:

This PHP script is intended to convert any EventAI script to TrinityCore's SmartAI.
It's aim is not to be efficient, fast, and so on, but solely to be working. It
cannot, by any mean, damage your database, as it performs only SELECT queries and
will output UPDATE, INSERT, DELETE and TRUNCATE queries to *.sql files.


Head into the directory where you installed that script. Go to the 'Build' directory
and copy the `config.ini` file from that directory to the PHP directory. Open the file
with your favorite file editor and change your database settings accordingly to what
is needed for the script to run on your database. Save the file, and close your editor.

Add a directory called `dbcs` in the directory `dep` and parse a Spell.dbc file there.
The Spell.dbc file must be English (at least that what it looks like), else spell names
are not printed correctly (at all).

Linuxers: Make sure you have PHP installed, and that you have the PDO library as well.
If you don't know how to install it, get a tour on PHP's online documentation.

Windowsers: That's pretty much the same, except you'll have to add the directory where
your PHP.exe relies to your PATH environment variable. Ask Google for more informations,
there are plenty of places where you can learn what this is. Once you're about to issue
the 'php runme.php' command, your cmd must be in the directory where the runme.php file
is, else you'll get a fatal error.

From now, things are pretty straigtforward. Head to the directory where you downloaded
the source, and issue the `php runme.php` command. The script will start and work on
its own. Go get a cofee, and when you're back you'll notice two *.sql files in the
directoy. These are the files you have to apply to your world database to be able to
effectively wipe EventAI from your database, and thus from the core!

Thanks to:
Warpten, Discover-, Horn

As for the older project (where we were converting them by hand), thanks to the following people:
Warpten, Discover-, Horn, Kandera, Valvorb, ZxBiohazardZx

Thanks for reading
The EAI2SAI PHP Developer (Aka ME, narcissism at its peak)
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