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DB/Creature: Add pathings and formations for various creatures:

Add formation for Razormane Wolves and Hunters Closes #8514
Add missing Raptor Egg nests Closes #8594
Add pathing for Twilight Prophet Closes #8601
Add pathing for Setis Closes #8602
Add pathing for Lapress Closes #8604
Add pathing for Ghost Howl Closes #8605
Add formation and pathing for Magram Pack Runners & Bonepaws Closes #8606
Add formation for Caliph Scorpidsting Closes #8608
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baric authored and ZxBiohazardZx committed Dec 10, 2012
1 parent ebae4ab commit 205cb06df9c3535e186b2e7fae10c72ab5de9e3c
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baric Dec 11, 2012

more coming!

baric commented on 205cb06 Dec 11, 2012

more coming!

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