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DB/Misc: Some gossip and inhabittype updates

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1 parent abb017d commit 355fe08e04e198131a462a03530d8a57377ff3ae @malcrom malcrom committed Feb 19, 2012
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  1. +21 −0 sql/updates/world/2012_02_19_04_world_misc_db_updates.sql
21 sql/updates/world/2012_02_19_04_world_misc_db_updates.sql
@@ -0,0 +1,21 @@
+-- Horde Orphan should not have weapons
+UPDATE `creature_template` SET `equipment_id`=0 WHERE `entry`=14499;
+-- Tog'thar Gossip
+UPDATE `creature_template` SET `gossip_menu_id`=264 WHERE `entry`=2238;
+DELETE FROM `gossip_menu` WHERE `entry`=264 AND `text_id`=761;
+INSERT INTO `gossip_menu` (`entry`,`text_id`) VALUES (264,761);
+-- Cosmetic Silkwing should have InhabitType 4
+UPDATE `creature_template` SET `InhabitType`=4 WHERE `entry`=21840;
+-- Leoroxx
+UPDATE `creature_template` SET `gossip_menu_id`=8511 WHERE `entry`=22004;
+DELETE FROM `gossip_menu` WHERE `entry`=8511 AND `text_id`=10645;
+INSERT INTO `gossip_menu` (`entry`,`text_id`) VALUES (8511,10645);
+-- Spiritcaller Dohgar
+UPDATE `creature_template` SET `gossip_menu_id`=8315 WHERE `entry`=22312;

8315 or 8513 ?)
8315 -> action_menu_id 8282

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+DELETE FROM `gossip_menu` WHERE `entry`=8315 AND `text_id`=10647;
+INSERT INTO `gossip_menu` (`entry`,`text_id`) VALUES (8315,10647);
+-- Ogrin <Stable Master>
+UPDATE `creature_template` SET `gossip_menu_id`=9821 WHERE `entry`=22468;
+-- Wanted Poster "Blade's Edge Mountains"
+DELETE FROM `gossip_menu` WHERE `entry`=8242 AND `text_id`=10257;
+INSERT INTO `gossip_menu` (`entry`,`text_id`) VALUES (8242,10257);

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