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Updated the compilation requirements to compile the core.

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commit 5d3a6fe5286eb63fdab17903e3c2b50f6bc4edd7 1 parent 5c64dad
@Kinzcool Kinzcool authored
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@@ -27,8 +27,8 @@ website at [](
+ MySQL ≥ 5.1.0 (included for Windows)
+ CMake ≥ 2.8.0
+ OpenSSL ≥ 1.0.0
-+ GCC ≥ 4.3 (Linux only)
-+ MS Visual Studio ≥ 9 (2008) (Windows only)
++ GCC ≥ 4.7.2 (Linux only)
++ MS Visual Studio ≥ 12 (2013) (Windows only)
SkyFire added a note

In my opinion VS12 fails on many levels. It's slow as shit ;)

@DDuarte Collaborator
DDuarte added a note

It should be possible to compile with GCC on Windows

SkyFire added a note

I know it has some cool features, But it's just Microsoft slow. VS 9 walks circles around it.

@Subv Collaborator
Subv added a note

VisualStudio 2013 is way faster than 2010 and 2012, not as fast as 2008 but then again, 2008 lacks a lot of stuff.

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