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SQLS: Rename sql file after PR merge

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1 parent 94dd2cd commit 64cffa1271e852f88abd45519fdca301d9c887f2 @DDuarte DDuarte committed Mar 20, 2013
0 ...xx_xx_xx_world_guardians_of_the_altar.sql → ...03_20_00_world_guardians_of_the_altar.sql
File renamed without changes.

5 comments on commit 64cffa1


ERROR 1054 (42S22) at line 119: Unknown column 'School' in 'field list'


And some many others..... like "Unknown column 'TargetCreatureType' in 'field list'"

TrinityCore member

I've made a mistake by merging this PR without proper review.

I will fix it as soon as I get some free time, really busy now.


Sorry, the PR was made a reaaally long time ago, and though the c++ was kept up to day, i didn't think of the sql :s

wkoot commented on 64cffa1 Mar 21, 2013

Removed everything that was non-default and renamed SpellName to SpellFamilyName.
Changed proc chance to 100. This one works, but please recheck.

DELETE FROM `spell_dbc` WHERE `Id`=18954;
INSERT INTO `spell_dbc` (`Id`, `Attributes`, `ProcChance`, `Effect1`, `EffectImplicitTargetA1`, `SpellFamilyName`, `DmgMultiplier1`) VALUES
(18954, 256, 100, 3, 1, 'Ranshalla Despawn', 1);
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