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Merge pull request #11457 from MitchesD/krikthir

Scripts/Krikthir the Gatewatcher: converted to EventMap and small optimalization
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joschiwald committed Feb 9, 2014
2 parents a352e5b + a127c0e commit 6688370513b1524a040fe92b1aac1816d8633de1
@@ -0,0 +1,3 @@
+DELETE FROM `conditions` WHERE `SourceEntry` = 52446 AND `SourceTypeOrReferenceId` = 13;
+INSERT INTO `conditions` (`SourceTypeOrReferenceId`, `SourceGroup`, `SourceEntry`, `SourceId`, `ElseGroup`, `ConditionTypeOrReference`, `ConditionTarget`, `ConditionValue1`, `ConditionValue2`, `ConditionValue3`, `NegativeCondition`, `ErrorType`, `ErrorTextId`, `Comment`) VALUES
+(13,1,52446,0,0,31,0,3,28684,0,1,0,0,"Spell Acid Splash cannot hit Krik'thir the Gatewatcher (28684)");
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