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Core/Scripting: fixed build. Re-enable ModifyVehiclePassengerExitPos …

…for CreatureScript to allow scripted creatures that already have an AI to benefit from its functionality as well
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Ovahlord committed Jan 28, 2020
1 parent ebf116e commit f0485cea394a84e93ebacc24f3535d5eb14a4053
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  1. +2 −0 src/server/game/Scripting/ScriptMgr.h
@@ -419,6 +419,8 @@ class TC_GAME_API CreatureScript : public ScriptObject
CreatureScript(char const* name);

// Called when an unit exits a vehicle
virtual void ModifyVehiclePassengerExitPos(Unit* /*passenger*/, Vehicle* /*vehicle*/, Position& /*pos*/) { }

// Called when a CreatureAI object is needed for the creature.
virtual CreatureAI* GetAI(Creature* /*creature*/) const = 0;

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