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Commits on Nov 23, 2011
  1. @DDuarte
  2. @Shauren
  3. @Shauren

    Core: Fixed remaining C6246: Local declaration of 'x' hides declarati…

    Shauren authored
    …on of the same name in outer scope. from previous commit
  4. Revert 2f83db2. Note that here we only want to check baseMap->canEnte…

    megamage authored
    …r, but not instanceMap->canEnter.
    Thanks to SignFinder.
  5. Remove unnecessary const_cast<Map*>.

    megamage authored
  6. Fix build.

    megamage authored
  7. @Shauren

    Core: Fixed more warnings (C6246: Local declaration of 'x' hides decl…

    Shauren authored
    …aration of the same name in outer scope.)
  8. @Shauren
  9. @Shocker
  10. @Shocker

    Merge pull request #3988 from kandera/tempbranch2

    Shocker authored
    Core/Mechanic: Resurrection (fixed the issue with players ressing in pla...
  11. @Shauren

    Scripts/Icecrown Citadel: Corrected an overlooked frenzy spam by Sham…

    Shauren authored
    …bling Horrors on heroic mode (does not change anything in the fight)
Commits on Nov 22, 2011
  1. @Machiavell1

    Core/Units: Second part of SMSG_MOVE_SET_COLLISION_HGT implementation…

    Machiavell1 authored
    …: compute proper collision height according to client formulae and send this to the client when mounting up.
  2. @Spp-

    Core/Opcodes: Change status of CMSG_MOVE_SET_COLLISION_HGT_ACK to Unh…

    Spp- authored
    …andled to kill spam log
  3. @Machiavell1

    Core/Packets: Allow CMSG_MOVE_SET_COLLISION_HGT_ACK to be received fr…

    Machiavell1 authored
    …om the client (currently unhandled)
Commits on Nov 21, 2011
  1. @DDuarte
  2. @DDuarte
  3. Merge pull request #3421 from Chipsi/master

    megamage authored
    Core/Items: Added case for Darkmoon Card: Madness trinket
  4. Merge pull request #3990 from kandera/lfgfix

    megamage authored
    Core/LFG: Fix being unable to enter an instance to retrieve body when yo...
  5. Fix the correct exit from the dungeon finder queue.

    megamage authored
    By Giuseppe Montesanto
  6. @Machiavell1

    Core/Units: Partial implementation of SMSG_MOVE_SET_COLLISION_HGT - s…

    Machiavell1 authored
    …end proper character collision height on dismount.
    Fixes #2642
    NOTE: Still have to properly implement collision height calculation for mounting up.
  7. @DDuarte
  8. @DDuarte
  9. @DDuarte
  10. @DDuarte

    DB: Fix DB startup errors

    DDuarte authored
    *slaps someone*
    Closes #4016
Commits on Nov 20, 2011
  1. @Discover- @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Quest: adding SAI for quests: Cleansing of the Orb of Orahil, Mana…

    Discover- authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    … Surges
    fixes #3670
  2. @ZxBiohazardZx
  3. @Discover- @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Quest: adding SAI for quest Elixir of Pain

    Discover- authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    fixes #3668
  4. @Discover- @ZxBiohazardZx
  5. @Discover- @ZxBiohazardZx
  6. @Discover- @ZxBiohazardZx

    DB/Quests: adding SAI for quest: The Kettis Offensive

    Discover- authored ZxBiohazardZx committed
    fixes #3669
  7. @ZxBiohazardZx
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