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Commits on Feb 12, 2012
  1. @DDuarte

    TDB 335.11.46 - 2012/02/13

    DDuarte authored
  2. @DDuarte

    DB/SAI: Fix a couple of issues in recent commits

    DDuarte authored
    By Dasio and tREAK
  3. @Subv
  4. @Subv

    Core/Loading: Speedup on the creature loading code

    Subv authored
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  5. @ZxBiohazardZx
  6. @ZxBiohazardZx
  7. @ZxBiohazardZx
  8. @Subv
  9. @Subv

    Core/Spells: Spell casts should be interrupted if the target goes out…

    Subv authored
    … of LoS.
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  10. @ZxBiohazardZx
  11. @Subv
  12. @Subv

    Extractors: Do not show a warning in the vmap extractor when a model …

    Subv authored
    …fails to load to avoid confusion
  13. @w1sht0l1v3 @DDuarte

    DB/Quests: Fix quest Hot On The Trail

    w1sht0l1v3 authored DDuarte committed
    Closes #5199
    Ref #5194
  14. @Pitcrawler @DDuarte

    DB/Misc: Missing Zul'Drak gossips (+ conditions)

    Pitcrawler authored DDuarte committed
    Closes #5206
    Enables f76f091 and c80ab4d
  15. @Subv

    Fixed the logic on my last commit

    Subv authored
  16. @Subv

    Core/Collision: Fixed LoS for doors with data0 = 0 and state = 0

    Subv authored
    closes #5197
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
  17. @Subv

    Codestyle: Renamed some battleground variables and changed some other…

    Subv authored
    … things to fit codestyle
  18. @Subv

    Merge pull request #5193 from Souler/master

    Subv authored
    Dalaran Sewers Arena waterfall issue
  19. @Subv
  20. @Subv

    Core/Spells: Blink wont be able to trespass solid objects anymore (wa…

    Subv authored
    Refactored some code
    Signed-off-by: Subv <>
Commits on Feb 11, 2012
  1. @Kline- @DDuarte

    Core/Quests: Correct use of parenthesis in IsAutoComplete and IsAutoA…

    Kline- authored DDuarte committed
    Closes #5195
  2. @DDuarte

    DB/SAI: Send data to instance on Ward Keeper death

    neurorulez authored DDuarte committed
    Closes #4819
  3. @Souler
  4. @DDuarte

    DB/NPCs: Remaining Grizzly Hills gossips

    Pitcrawler authored DDuarte committed
    Scripts|SAI: Convert npc_kingdom_of_dalaran_quests to SAI
    Closes #4845
  5. @DDuarte

    Copy paste is bad, mkay?

    DDuarte authored
  6. @DDuarte

    Core/Db/Conditions: Add conditions for world state and phasemask

    DDuarte authored
    CONDITION_WORLD_STATE - 11 - index - value - 0
    CONDITION_PHASEMASK - 26 - value - 0 - 0
    Idea by @LiMCrosS
  7. @Subv
  8. @Subv
  9. @DDuarte

    DB/SAI: Fix a typo in a recent SAI script

    DDuarte authored
    (Startup DB errors)
  10. @malcrom @DDuarte

    DB/Quests: Fix quest Sorlof's Booty

    malcrom authored DDuarte committed
    Closes #5071
    Closes #1785
  11. @Subv
  12. @Subv
  13. @DDuarte

    DB/Quests: Script A Daughter's Love quest ending

    gecko32 authored DDuarte committed
    Closes #5102
  14. @w1sht0l1v3 @DDuarte

    DB/Quest: Kickin' Nass and Takin' Manes

    w1sht0l1v3 authored DDuarte committed
    Thanks to @Pitcrawler for refactoring/correcting the code
    Closes #446
    Closes #5164
    (not complete)
  15. @DDuarte

    DB/Quest: Near Miss / Close Call

    Pitcrawler authored DDuarte committed
    Closes #5169
    (not complete)
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