Auction House Item name displays incorrectly #10790

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The first item of Recipe:cooking should be 27692: Wrap Burger, but it's title is incorrectly displayed as 21099: Smoked Sage Fish. See attached img
The tooltip & description are correct. Title & price was changed after clicking the item.

The other wrong item is: 20554: Darkrune Breastplate, which was displayed as 22222: Thick Obsidian Breastplate

N.B. They are both the first item of each category !!!!!!!

Core version: commit: 46ffea8 with ahbot
TDB.v3.3.5.52 with translation to zh_CN

Sorry checked again but still not found where to set labels...............

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@DDuarte DDuarte added the Sub-AH label Sep 15, 2014
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