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Boss Cast Directions - Anub'arak and Ingvar #10803

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Core: 458f5b9
DB: 335.52

So this is weird, not really sure how to categorize this:

Two bosses I can think of in particular do this:

Ingvar the Plunderer with his Smash and Dark Smash, and Anub'arak in Azjol Nerub.

How it's supposed to work: He is supposed to cast smash/dark smash/pound, and if the tank stays in front of him, takes a bunch of damage, but if the tank moves (usual path was to run through them), then they don't take this damage.

What happens: The boss stays facing the correct direction while casting, but then immediately turns and hits the tank, no matter what, making this damage unavoidable.

Ingvar -
Anub'arak -

Smash -
Dark Smash -
Pound -

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@joschiwald joschiwald was assigned

the problem is that serverside orientation is updated to tank during cast


a368fae solved this.

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