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Glyph of Shadowflame and Absorb. #11653

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1Warlock vs 2Warlock.


rev: f7bc86a


You mean that after Shadowflame was absorbed it still added debuff from spell to target, but not aura from glyph?

and priest (shield) absorb and etc absorb shield
absorbed glyph of shadowflame (-70% speed run).


wtf thats mean ?

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Search someone with some basic knowledge of English language to post the bug report for you.

Shadow Absorb > Absorbed Glyph of Shadowflame (-70% speed aura).
So clearly?


It seems, that he meant this:
1. Warlock1 has active Shadowflame glyph
2. Warlock2 has active Shadow Ward
3. Warlock1 casts Shadowflame on Warlock2, and spell's shadow damage part is absorbed.
Warlock2 gets only the fire damage debuff of spell, but he should be slowed by the glyph aura as well.
This happens every time when shadow damage part of spell is absorbed by any shield.

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