fleeing movement causes players to teleport to dest when stunned #12529

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title says it all. Not sure why it happens, i did some minor debugging and couldn't find any cause.


Core: 32386be
mmaps enabled


confirm, i think that happen because when you get fleeing your fleeing path will register. then with stun your movement will dofinalize, so you will teleport to where the fleeing path was register


not quite @Runico, i thought that as well but after debugging i found that finalize isn't called when you stun someone, and even if it was, that wouldn't cause them to teleport to the end position.

some things to note:
-serverside, the players position continues to update as if the player were still moving towards the dest, even though the player visually teleported there.

-if you modify the speed of the feared player to 0.1 then stun them, the player will teleport to the dest, but when the stun wears off the player will run back to the correct position

-rooting the player also causes this bug

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It's the same as #9475 no?


nah it's different, also i don't have that issue on my core rev. weird.

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could you please post some clear how to reproduce steps ?


fear player -> stun them asap (before they reach the dest)

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any news??


Fixed. Some checks and proper actions are missing in unit.cpp.

I'm using MMAPS on. MMAPS off might still produce unwanted effects on fear for which more test and research is needed.

I will make a PR as soon as it's tested properly.

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Fear #9475


created pull request

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