[Bug 434] hunter pet without correct icon #12572

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core: abe8dd7
DB: TDB_full_434.06_2014_07_05 + core updates
OS: Win 7 64 bit

i startet fresh compile core today, insert boost, loaded last db from Vincent-Michael, imported core updates..
I started new player as human hunter but my pet has a wrong icon..

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ok now??

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TrinityCore member

What do you mean with wrong icon? What should it look like? What does it look like now?


probably he means the icon of the call pet menu, where u get all pets listed which you carry with you.

TrinityCore member

Either ^ or unit frame i guesis.

If ^, not implemented, i have a hacked pet stable system ready but i want to rewrite it all.


upper left in the corner are you and you pet, showing with icon, health and power.. the icon of the pet is wrong. this happens only one time, on fresh character database and first char created.. after first reload all is normal and ok..

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