[Bug 434] wrong spell behavior 79488 #12574

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gpn39f commented Jul 19, 2014

core: abe8dd7
DB: TDB_full_434.06_2014_07_05 + core updates
OS: Win 7 64 bit

on enter zone westfall, you have started the quest 28562 or 26378
on enter the area all wanted quest - npc are invisible by aura 70488
on quest_accept you should receive this aura to..

but: this aura has a "water or wave" effect, so it feels like you are drunk or addictive narcotic ..

same wrong effect for siminar spells like: 92284,90826,89274,83231,80689,80694,76633,78284,92286,90827,89276,83738,80697,80671,79343 ( this are spells invisible with value 0,1 and 2 but there are many more spells up to 20)

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gpn39f commented Jul 29, 2014

on 28.jul.2014 I uploaded the corescript and database fix for the story of horatio laine in westfall: (ArkDB)
there are 3 invis spell used: 79488, 78284 and 79343.. note: the invis aura value's are correct added on the TC db: but the core give an additional effect. Terrain is swapping or glitched. so now all the quest story can resolves, but you must do that with this bad visual effect. after last quest removes the 79343 aura and all is visual fine..
you can test this visual effect by insert as GM: .aura 79488.. (if there are npc with this aura near, there will be visible then)

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nawuko commented Aug 7, 2014

The "glow effect" he is talking about is https://github.com/TrinityCore/TrinityCore/blob/master/src/server/game/Spells/Auras/SpellAuraEffects.cpp#L1339

Trinitycore applies the SetByteFlag(PLAYER_FIELD_BYTES2, 3, PLAYER_FIELD_BYTE2_INVISIBILITY_GLOW) to every Invisibility effect, which is not blizzlike

gpn39f commented Aug 9, 2014

on sniff I have seen.. all involved npc have apply_quest_invis_0 79488.. the player has not same aura.. so as spell description can point to.. he has see_quest_invis_0 79489.. and this aura has not the glow effect..
so there finds different type of invis spells..
on all invis_xx you have apply.. but on some there are no detect_, on some no see_ and on some missing both..
so, if I have a solution for my quest, so is it shurly not same answer for many other quest..

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