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Spell resistance/binary resists #1478

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TrinityCore revision e7ff119
TDB 3.38

Old patch from dr.tenma implements binary resists.
At one time he tackled the problem of resistance and fixed the problem with resielence from damage from casters.

Currently the patch does not work, but the problem with resielence from damage from casters was not solved. Please review and update the patch and submit it to the repo.

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Author: theblues
There are some errors on binary : Resist in PvE, or on aura's application on oneself which resist ! else it's perfect :)


Author: 2010phenix
and diminish from NPC us i remeber...


we have made a patch for binary resistance(based on dr.tenma), plase test it.

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Reopened, this is not completed or fixed.

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