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Visual error in the client when you try to leave a group of more than 2 players.

Current behaviour: (Tell us what happens.)
When you do a group of more than 2 players and you try to leave it the game interfaz is not updating, it continues showing that you are still in the group, but you can read in the chat that you leave the group and even you can be invited again to other group. When this happens and you are invite again to the group the group status are not updating and doesn´t show you when the group is converted to raid and converted to group again and the chat doens´t show you the changes in the group, the raid tabs is not showing any information. You has to log out and log in to fix this problem.

Expected behaviour: (Tell us what should happen instead.)
When you leave the group the interface has to update without have to log out and log in.

Steps to reproduce the problem:

  1. Make a group of more than 2 players.
  2. A member has to leave the group.
  3. Invite the member again and covert the group to raid.
  4. Watch the raid tabs.

Branch(es): 3.3.5 / master (Tell us which branch(es) this issue affects.)
TC rev. hash/commit:

TDB version:
Operating system:

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