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Hi All

I have an issue with the encounter of the boss Lord Marrowgar, First boss in ICC,
the boss is using the ability "Bone Spike Graveyard" on tanks and according to
http://www.brighthub.com/video-games...les/63661.aspx it shouldn't happen..

"The fight begins with Saber Lash – This increases Marrowgar’s melee damage by 300% and is divided between the tank and the people who are closest to him, thus the reason for using 3 tanks on this fight. Also, those hit with Saber Lash can’t be hit with Bone Spike."

Meaning, all who shareing the dmmage of "Bone Slice' shouldn't be effected by "Bone Spike Graveyard".

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Core Info:
Hash: 090bb5a
TDB: 335.11.44+

on selecttarget there's a bool to select or not the tank. change a 1 to 0 on the second variable if I remember right.


lost-illusion commented Dec 26, 2011

Bone spike don't cast on player, if player has taken damage from Bone Slice

Shauren was assigned Jan 23, 2012

Star-lion closed this Apr 20, 2012

Aokromes reopened this Jul 7, 2012

Confirmed in 6a83cd4 .
The targets of Bone Slice are not supposed to be Bone Spiked, and yet they are.

Shauren closed this in 817f5b3 Feb 1, 2013

@Shauren Shauren added a commit to raczman/TrinityCore that referenced this issue Apr 20, 2014

@Shauren Shauren Scripts/Icecrown Citadel:
* Fixed Coldflame dealing double damage
* Targets hit by Bone Slice will now be immune to Bone Spike Graveyard
* Fixed healing players on Bone Spike

Closes #1091
Closes #4473
Closes #5854
Closes #7060
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